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CPT Fit makes it easy for you to workout and stay on track. Take the app with you wherever you are — at home, in the gym, or while traveling with no equipment.

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CPT Fit will help you get stronger week by week according to your schedule. Try monthly programs and challenges to motivate you or one-off workouts whenever you have free time — whatever works for you and your goals. When you're ready to increase the intensity, CPT has you covered!

Transform your life with REAL results!


50lbs heavier. Not a former athlete. No access to a gym. No tricked out home gym either. Two kids schooling in-house during lockdown. Teleworking since March. What I did? Invested in myself…Claire’s guides gave me structure to try something new; HIIT & strength training were brand new to me. The guides made it so easy to simply trust & follow the new direction I was steering my life. Change is hard, the guides made me feel supported during the change.


Okay so the CPT Fit Guide and The Meal Plan has seriously changed my life. In the photo on the left I was pre-diabetic, unhappy, hated looking in the mirror, and just needed a change. I had terrible IBS and I was constantly bloated and miserable. Then I found this awesome chick on IG and EVERYTHING CHANGED! She was legit so happy and confident, and so freaking strong! I knew right then and there that I was going to do whatever it took to get myself strong and to bring my confidence back. Now, I won’t lie to you, for the first few months I really struggled with consistency, and eating the right foods. But then I started to see progress and my mindset totally changed! Now here I am 20lbs down, building strong muscle, and far more confident than I’ve ever been. If I ever had a question about foods or the workouts Claire was always quick to respond, and help out as much as she could.


I was in such a rut before this! After my second baby I just felt like I would never be that strong again so why even try. I signed up for your challenge along side a lower body focused routine. I didn’t think I’d really see much of a change… boy was I wrong!! You are the queen of abs and I want to thank you so much for your dedication and time to put all these together. I’m sad the challenge is over but I’m so thrilled with the results and take aways to continue to build up my core and overall strength. How is this even possible??!? Haha! You can tell I’m happy!!


This challenge was AMAZING! I loved learning some new movements that I never would have thought to try! Sad this challenge is over but so happy with the results! This was the push I needed. Even though there were days I missed due to traveling for a funeral, kids being sick and just life, I'm still proud of myself for the progress I've made. I can't wait to continue to get stronger. Plus I love the fact that now when I walk around in a sports bra my kids say "Mommy look at your muscles!!!" #mamaof3 #strongnotskinny


I can’t believe that in just 6 weeks I was able to see such a difference in myself. Not only have I seen a change in my appearance, but I FEEL the change! I am stronger and loving how Claire has gotten me there! I can not recommend her app enough!


I am so happy that I did this challenge with you and I cannot thank you enough. I will continue to be an avid user of your app and follow you because you changed my perspective on myself. Wet hair, straight out of the shower, no make up and today I love myself so much more than I did before this challenge started. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to continue this fitness journey. Truly. I’ve never had much for guidance or a role model in my life and you’ve made me feel like I have a reason to keep going and better myself.


I have never been able to find a program that actually worked for me before I found Claire and TeamCPT. Now here I am almost 2 years after getting her Home Guide and I still make progress everyday and have added more guides to my collection! Not only have I lost 50 pounds using Claire’s guides and now app, but I feel so so much better overall!! Claire and this community is so welcoming and supportive!


I found Claire’s IG in 2018 (left photo), to this day she is one of my favorite people I’ve come across. Her workouts, ab guides, inspiration, etc helped me get to where I am today. When I found Claire I was 8 months PP (2nd baby) both pregnancies gained 50lbs, I was unmotivated, and lazy. I remember being so inspired and wanted to be strong like Claire. Muscles are beautiful and I knew this but needed the reminder and she reminded me at the right time! Fitness/health is a journey, it takes time, has its ups and downs, and takes hard work; consistency is key and Claire is consistent. Consistently motivating, inspiring, working hard and smiling! Thank you Claire!


I found Claire's instagram page at the beginning of 2021, and when I say her work ethic, motivation, and home body guide changed my life! I was 9 months postpartum, and she was the reason I decided to restart my fitness journey and not quit this time. I travel across the US full time, so I was very excited that I could workout anywhere with only my bodyweight and still make progress. Not only is Claire a huge inspiration, she is kind and genuine. Thank you for the constant effort you put in to help people like me reach their goals, Claire I am forever grateful I stumbled across your page.


Thank you Claire Thomas for your guides, app, support and this community! I haven’t felt this great since my college rowing days! Every day I have my workout scheduled in thanks to you! It keeps me dedicated to keep getting at it! Here’s my progress since January 2021.


Claire, your home body guide changed my life!! I’ve never had a workout program that made me feel so strong and so confident! Thank you for all that you do!!